What You Need to Know About Wedding Sand Ceremonies

15 Sep

Today, it is common for there to be a sand ceremony in weddings. In fact, it is becoming more popular than unity candle ceremony mostly because a unity candle does not last as long as sand. The concept of sand ceremonies is that the sand of different colors will combine resulting in a new color or layer design distinct from the individual sand particles. This is a demonstration of the oneness that is forged in marriage. A lot of importance is placed in the sand ceremony because the resulting jar of sand will be in the homes of the newlyweds for years to come. It is therefore important that you know a few things that will help you as you plan for your sand ceremony.

The first thing that you must know is that color is important. You, therefore, need to select your colors as thoughtfully as you would your wedding theme colors. This is because as mentioned earlier you will live with the color choices for a very long time especially if you plan on displaying the sand at sandsationalsparkle.com in your home. Interesting ways of choosing the colors for your sand ceremony is by going for the colors that represent your personalities. You can easily find this information out from the internet.

Another way of choosing the best colors for the sand is by going for colors that are more neutral especially if you do not want the theme colors of the sand ceremony to clash with the colors of the bridal party's clothing. The use of neutral colors has worked successfully before so you can consider it.

 The sand ceremony is not only about the sand and its colors. Things like the choice of a jar also matter because at the end of the day you will have the jar with you for the rest of your life if you please. Therefore choose a jar that is beautiful and reflects who the two of you are. If you are conventional, you can go for jars with designs that are toned down but if you are creative channel your creativity and get a jar that is unique. For those who love elegance, there is something for you. Learn how to plan your wedding with these steps in http://www.ehow.com/how_4643_plan-a-wedding.html.

These days there are different ways of pouring the sand into the jar. There is the common way of mixing the sand completely, so you have one color, but there are also ways of creating beautiful designs with the sand. Look at the different ways of putting the unity sand for weddings in the jar then go for one that pleases you both.

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