Wedding Sand Ceremonies

15 Sep

Weddings usually mark new beginnings. Wedding ceremonies are done differently among different people. Some choose to do the church wedding; others opt for the traditional weddings. A few others prefer having their vows exchanged at the attorney general's office. Whichever the idea of a wedding ceremony, weddings still have the same meaning. It symbolizes the unity between the bride and the groom. There are other unique wedding ceremonies celebrated in the world. An example of one is the wedding sand ceremony.

The wedding sand ceremony is relatively a unique idea of making a wedding ceremony great. This ceremony is best suited for the outdoor weddings and mostly the beach wedding. Customized vases are used in this form of wedding. The vases are customized with information such as the names, dates, and even logos. In some extended versions of a sand wedding ceremony at, family sand ceremony vases including the parents and children also exist. The wedding sand ceremony is slowly replacing the unity candle ceremony. Many couples like it because of its uniqueness.

In the wedding sand ceremony at, the lives of the bride and the groom are represented by sand of different colors. This symbolizes the separate lives that these two used to live. Soon after the changing of vows and the rings, the couple then pours out the sand together. The common flow of the sand symbolizes the merging of the two lives and therefore their first experience as husband and wife. This type of wedding creates decorative results, and it's a very enjoyable moment for both the couple and the guests. A variety of flowers are also included in the settings of wedding sand ceremony.

Some other weddings may include the children too. The children are also expected to also pour out the sand from the sand from their vases together with their parents. This is significant in symbolizing of a new blended family. Sand is more beneficial to use in the wedding ceremonies due to the following reasons. Outdoor weddings are not always safe for flames. Therefore sand becomes more appropriate for an outdoor wedding. To know more about weddings, visit

The other benefits of using sand in weddings are that it complements the theme of the beach perfectly. Including other parties like the parents and children is also possible when using sand. The final advantage of sand is that it is new and modern as compared to the old method of using candles. Wedding sand ceremonies are one of the best ways to start off the journey of marriage.

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